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First Chemical LIMITED in Toronto, Ontario, provides a variety of top-quality chemical products and equipment to meet the sanitation needs of commercial businesses. Whether we are keeping your kitchens clean or your customers out of harm's way, we are capable of performing a variety of output tasks to supply the quality detergents, soaps, rinses, and sanitizers you need in your business.

The production process starts in our pilot plant and advances through our full-scale production house. Our capabilities include a wide selection of reaction possibilities and operating conditions to create the finest soaps in the industry. Our typical unit operations include powder and liquid products for kitchenware washing and laundry.

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First Clean Dish Detergent

This low temperature detergent is great for dish and glass washer cleaning using automatic feed equipment.

First Clean Dish Detergent

F-12 Low Temp Sanitizer

This Bleach-6 is ideal for your sanitizing needs, so that you can eliminate the increase of germs.


First Dry Rinse

The first dry rinse is an effective rinse additive to perfect for adding the final touch of cleanliness.

First Dry Rinse

First Dry Rinse

This is another effective utra bleach that gives you the ability to choose which product works best for your business.

Utra Bleach-6

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